Monday, July 23, 2012

Rump Arounds Cloth Diaper Review

A while back I was selected to review a Rump Arounds diaper. I had no idea what was being sent, but I was very excited to receive some fluffy mail to review.

First off - Who is Rump Arounds?:

"Rump Arounds is a small Canadian home based business. Rump Arounds was created on a venture to provide flexible work schedules for us busy mom's, at the same time as making a commitment to bettering our environment."

To read their entire story - check them out here!

On to the review:
Like I said before, I didn't know what I would be getting but was pleasantly surprised when I ripped open my package and saw this CUTE diaper! 

Dog named Spot Minky RAA
How stinking cute is that? James was even more excited than I was! "WOOOF WOOF! diaper!" he kept saying. I went to Rump Arounds web site to see what it was exactly I received as there was no info about it. I found out it's one of their Rump ALL Arounds diaper.


"Our "Rump-All-Arounds" are an amazing One Sized Pocket Diaper! Check out one of our Original, one of its kind modules created strictly by and for Rump Arounds! With a 4 rise snap setting, adjusts from XS, Small, Medium, large permitting the diaper to be used from true birth weight 6.5lb up to 40lbs dependent on body frame. Are washable, adjustable, ecofriendly, wallet friendly & easy to use!"

I have to say that this is a very VERY soft diaper. It's not stiff like some of my other diapers. I was a little concerned that it wouldn't be able to hold up to James, being as soft as it was. But poop and pee after poop and pee it held up.. really well! This diaper boasts a bunch of great qualities. First off, it has double snaps - something that I look for. I feel that it give the diaper that extra strength - James cannot get it off. 

Cross over snaps! I can't wait to put this diaper on a newborn! I love when diapers have cross over snaps - I get more function from then that way. The Rump All Arounds diaper also have a 4 rise snap setting - meaning it can fit from itty bitty to large (reminder - James is 2.5 and is 35 lbs!) and this fits him great!

I have no issues stuffing this diaper so I asked Chris to try stuffing with his 'man hands' to see if it passes his stuff test. He had no issues stuffing the diaper and really liked the soft, wide opening. Speaking of soft - the leg elastic is soft and has not left marks on James. The whole inside of the diaper is squishy and feels nice to the touch. The liner is a soft fleece which is great for a stay dry feel.

Another one of my favorite features of this diaper is the double gussets! I am a sucker for gussets. James can have nasty poops so gussets are great for containment - Rump ALL Arounds cloth diaper (RAA) contained his mess and then some. The gussets did what they were supposed to do and kept the poo where it belonged. I LOVE gussets! 

Soft inner gussets keep messes where they belong!

Each RAA comes with a 100% Bamboo insert. This insert is so soft and squishy - not to mention THIRSTY!

James has travelled 4 hours in the diaper and we didn't have a single leak. The insert was saturated but we had no leaks. BONUS! Plus I love that it's bamboo.

The Rump All Arounds diaper has held up beautifully through numerous washes, and wear. The ONLY issue I have had with this diaper were the snaps. At first it was really REALLY hard to get them done up - even Chris had a problem with them - but after some time and wear they have become more easy to snap. I'm guessing because it was a new diaper, they were stiff. But like I said, they are easy to snap on and off now.

Rump ALL Arounds Pocket diapers cost about $14.00 each - which I have to say is a great price for what you are receiving. Rump Arounds has a WIDE and I mean WIDE selection of diapers and prints that you can choose from. They even have combo packs that you can purchase. I love the option of picking individual diapers or getting a combo. It's a no brainer at that point.
I also really love that they are a Canadian company. Being Canadian myself I love to support other Canadian Mums and Dads.

I highly suggest looking into Rump Arounds diapers if you are considering cloth diapering - their selection is great and the prices are competitive. Plus their customer service is top notch.

For more information check out:

There has to be something there for you!

Much love

Please note - I was sent the above mentioned product free of charge to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions are strictly my own and may differ from others. Please, if you have any comments, questions or concerns - send me and email or comment on this post.