Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aqueduck Faucet Extender Review & {Giveaway}

Peachy LLC had a giveaway going on their Facebook page one day and I blindly entered and like I have been doing recently, COMPLETELY forgot that I entered and didn't check back to see who won. So a few days later it popped into my head and I went racing back to the computer to check. To my surprise I had WON!!

I was so beyond excited as I have been wanting to try this product out since I found out about it. Well I was wanting James to try it hehe.

When I contacted Susanna - I let her know that I was going to do a review on the blog. When she replied she let me know that I could also give one away!! YAY!

Ok so on to the review:

About PeachyLLC:

“I feel that if my creations help make life easier for other parents and families, I’ve done my job.”
Susanna Lee, Peachy™ Founder

We families face real challenges every single day, whether it be having too much to do with too little time, making choices that reflect our family values or becoming very creative in situations where it is clear that the world is not always designed with our particular needs in mind.

Peachy™ is a company for families, by families. As such, we understand the problems you face because they are the same problems we face. Our goal is to help make the lives of you and your loved ones a little less difficult and a little more… well, peachy!

Let’s face it, you’re already ready to apply for superhero status with all you do in a day. Can you really be out saving the world AND inventing solutions to all of life’s little obstacles at the same time? At Peachy™, our job is to shoulder a little bit of your family’s load through thoughtful, easy-to-use solutions. We create the products that you need in your life today so you don’t have to. The bottom line here is… we invent and you can devote more of your time to those you love most!

Ok so what is the Aqueduck? - Well it's very simple. It extends your faucet's water for your little ones to wash their hands with ease. Simple, yet effective.

Isn't it neat?!

When I received my package, I couldn't help but rush to the bathroom to test it out. At first I was a little nervous that it wouldn't fit but nope - it fit! It was simple to put on and it has a good tight fit so it's not going to slip all over the place. The Teal section is made up of a silicone base I believe, which makes for a good fit.

James loves to wash his hands. During meal times he always asks for his "hands" which really means "Mum I need a face cloth to wipe my hands down. NOW!" It was getting difficult to pick him up every time to actually wash his hands under the water and his stool doesn't get him high or close enough for him to wash them by himself.

With the Aqueduck all I have to do is turn the water on for him and he is all set. He can wash his little hands all by himself and he loves it! I mean - really really loves it. It's also great for when he needs to brush his teeth. He can get his own toothbrush wet and fill his own cup of water. I think it gives him some independence which I think is great.

The Aqueduck comes in 3 different colors, Aqua (Shown), Pink and Grey.

- not only did I receive the Aqueduck (In Aqua) but I also received the Peachy Hand towel.  This was a bonus as James needs to dry his hands after - just like Mummy and Daddy.

The Hand Towel is made from 100% Microfiber and is super soft and snuggly. It was designed to fit on a towel bar or ring and made so it won't fall off.

I hang J's towel on one of the bathroom cabinet knobs. He always say "my towel!" Even after multiple washes, the hand towel is still super soft and thirsty! The neutral color works great in any bathroom.

Overall - I think the Aqueduck is a great addition to any home with toddlers. It's functional, cute and simple to use. Plus like I said before, it's portable so you can bring it with you when you travel.

If you would like to purchase your very own Aqueduck check out their website: . I was also informed that there are 28 retailers in CANADA that now sell the Aqueduck - so make sure to check them out if you are in Canada and would like one!

Or try and win one!

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Please note that I won the above mentioned product fair and square. All opinions are my own and may differ from others. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. No monetary compensation was exchanged for this review.