Friday, July 13, 2012

What I have coming up

I have some exciting reviews coming up in the near future and even a diaper giveaway!

I have a Rump Arounds Diaper review to post - I just need one shot of Jimbo wearing it... the child is so darn active I can't get a good shot!

I was also contacted by a WAHM (Mommy Soup) to do a review on one of her covers. I am very excited to try this one out. I love supporting and helping out WAHM's! There will also be a giveaway to this review. How nice is that?!

Another upcoming review will be on the AirBus Weekender from Lug! This one I am over the moon excited about. Like I squealed when I opened my email to see a response from them. I was contacted a while back - but never heard anything for a few months so I decided to contact them again. Here we are a couple months later... I am very antsy to get some awesome Lug mail!

Lastly, I will be starting my Baby Buys posts. I'm going to start out with Graham's newborn diaper stash. Then we will go from there. We don't need a lot so there won't be many of them but I do have some new stuff just for him.

So that's about it - hope you enjoy the reading material I am hoping to get up soon!

Much love