Monday, July 16, 2012

No Veggies.. I think not

Chris and I have been having a hard time with James and his food! Before my child would eat anything and I mean ANYTHING put in front of him... now... he wants nothing. It's becoming a pain in my butt!

We didn't do baby led weaning with James when he was little - I made my own homemade pureed baby food and once he got a little older, made it more chunky till one day I just started giving him our food. He ate SO well. I would make veggies and he would gobble them up. He was a food monster. Now I put a plate of dinner in front of him and he refuses to eat it. I flatly refuse to make him a special dinner just cause he doesn't like what we are having.

I always make up a good breakfast - sometimes is just cereal and fruit. Others it's eggs, bacon, toast and beans. I switch it up all the time. Yogurt and fruit, you know typical breaky food. He usually eats all his breakfast which is good.

Then lunch time comes and this is where I get bad - I don't know what to heck to feed him for lunch. He does ok with egg salad sammies, or grilled cheese. He has a bit more fruit but will not touch any sort of raw veggie (which I like to eat) Again I try my hardest to make sure it;s a healthy meal but sometimes I don't. And I ALWAYS feel bad.

Dinners we usually have a protein, a starch/carb and veg. James LOVES pasta - well tortellini and penne, But doesn;t care for others. I can't add veggies to it cause he just won't eat anything even if it's favorite pasta. He's not keen on his food touching other food, so I try to keep everything separate.

I started making smoothies for us in the morning and have recently started putting in kale and spinach - I was thinking he wouldn't touch it but i was SO SO SO wrong. He gulped it down and asked for more. So today we went out and got more stuff to make smoothies and more green veggies.

I think I will start making them with extra veg (ie carrots etc) and see how that goes. I also have a couple of cook books (Deceptively Delicious) that I will start using to see if I can hide some veg from him too. I will still put ACTUAL veggies on his plate but if he doesn't eat it at least I know he's getting some!

How do you get you're children to eat foods they are not fond of?? Leave me a comment - I'd LOVE to know!

James after his smoothie
Much love