Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 25...

Yesterday marked my 25th week. That means there is approximately 15 more weeks to go... just over 100 days.... a little over 3 months... HOLY POOP!

Summer has finally arrived in B.C. - thankfully - but I am finding the heat a little too much to handle. I try to get James outside as much as possible but by the time 45 mins to an hour hits, I'm ready for some shade.

Water is my best friend right now. I'm downing it like it's going out of style. It needs to be very cold - with lots of ice!

Packing for our move is slow going - I just can't find the time to start when it's just me and James at home during the week - I need that extra set of eyes from Chris in order to get started. But it will get done as we only have 2 more weeks to go.

At 25 weeks I'm still tired as hell. It takes everything I have to get my butt up in the morning - and when James goes for his nap - I'm right there beside him. The only times I don't nap are the days I work - for some reason I cannot shut my brain off and if I  do try I get all panicky and anxiety sets in. Thankfully I only have like 7 shifts left before Maternity leave. So I do have something to look forward to.

Graham is super active - I get kicks on each side of my belly and every now and then I chase his little feet along side my right side. It's kind of funny actually. James loves feeling for him - he always says "Baby Dam! HI" So stinkin cute - and he still loves hearing his heartbeat on the doppler. My belly growth has slowed down I think. Not so much of a noticeable change since last week - but the weight is starting to make it;s appearance which I am ok with - I just want to maintain a healthy weight...

Other than that there hasn't been much else. No crazy cravings - still want oranges and lots of water...maybe salty foods but I watch the intake on that.

So until next week - here is my 25 week belly shot - next week I hit 26 weeks and I also hit another milestone - I turn 25!!

Much love