Monday, April 8, 2013

Vocabulary and Communication

I can remember telling Chris how excited I was for James to start talking. His first word was Dada - and I remember clear as day where we were and I can remember our reaction.

We were getting ready to go for Sunday dinner with the In Laws. We got James strapped into his car seat and as Chris was closing the door, James looked at him and said "Dada!" We both froze - "Uhm, did he just..." "YES!" shouted Chris! "He did!" I could see the pride in his eyes. That was one of the most special moments for Chris I believe.

Fast forward 2 years and here we are. James has been in Pre School for about a month now - and I can honestly say that in that time, his vocabulary and communication has improved ten fold. Just a few short months ago - we were thinking we should take him to see a Speech Therapist. He was stuttering - BAD. Now I had a stutter and it did go away - I mean I grew out of it. Certain words took James forever to get out. He was getting frustrated and upset. You could see he was trying so hard but his mouth just couldn't keep up. His behavior was also terrible. Not listening, throwing tantrums etc.

Last night at dinner - my father in law brought up this subject. He said he's noticed a big difference in James' vocabulary and said that his sentences are becoming more complete and he's using proper grammar. Then he said "He's not stuttering much anymore. Pre School has done him well"

I didn't notice that he wasn't stuttering anymore. The words he had issues with just a couple of months ago were coming out clear as day and lightning fast. When did this happen?

Last week while we were walking home from School - I told James we had to watch out for cars. "Oh, don't worry Mummy. I'm right here" I stopped and smiled at him. He's forming sentences so well now, and is becoming such a smart little man. His teacher said he is very interactive in class. He enjoys talking (he gets that from me) to the other children and is very vocal. He questions everything "Why? What's that? etc"

I think the best thing Chris and I have done for James was putting him into Pre School. We've seen such a difference in him. Not only with his communication skills, but with listening as well.

A couple of moths ago James wouldn't listen for squat. You would tell him "NO!" and he would still go do it. Now when asked not to do something, he questions why he cannot do something. Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't, but he's three. So we ARE making progress.

We are hoping that come September, we can enroll James into the three day a week program at school. Two days a week just isn't enough for him I believe. He loves to go and he's always so happy when he gets home. "I see my friends Mummy."

My little guy is growing up so fast. We'll be taking him to Kindergarten before we know it!

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