Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just a short car ride...

Ok, its confirmed. Graham HATES his carseat. HATES with with a capital H.

What would normally take us maybe 3 hours took us 4. We made five stops for little Graham. The child would be quiet for a few minutes, then would start to scream.

Our first stop - he pooped. Didn't want to nurse, so back in he went. About 10 minutes later, he was screaming again. We pulled over and checked him again. He was dry, so I tried nursing again. He ate for about five minutes and then got distracted.

Our next stop, he pooped again. I changed him so let him nurse. Again, it was short. Then we hit the highway, and he started to fuss. Then that fussing turned into a full blown meltdown. We found another place to pull over and checked him. This time he was wet. Seriously, we couldn't catch a break. I felt so bad for him. He doesn't like to be wet, I mean who would. So again we changed him and I checked to see if he wanted to nurse.

We carried on, and within 15 minutes - James shouted from the back "Mum! Look! Baby Dam got sick" My poor little man threw up. That's totally my fault. I continued to offer the breast when I probably shouldn't have? I don't know, but he got sick and then was fine. We got o my parents around 8:00 pm

Both of the boys slept great. Graham is his happy self today, and is showing signs of crawling. We witnessed him army crawl yesterday night. He is also getting up on his hands and knees to rock.

Here we go!

Enjoy your weekend!

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