Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That 'A HA' Moment

If there is anything in life I could go back and 're do' it would be school. I disliked school VERY much, but did what I had to do. I didn't get horrible grades, but I didn't do the best to my ability. So after Graduation - College or University were NOT in the cards. Sure, I could go, but I didn't want to.

Now I'm kicking myself. Really kicking myself.

I've been driving myself crazy with the notion that I have nothing to do with the rest of my life. I have my children, and I love being a Stay at Home Mom, but what happens when they go to school?? What then??

About a year and a half after James was born - I considered becoming a Midwife. Chris and I talked about it, but that was it. I knew I couldn't be a Midwife. Not that I couldn't, as in I am not smart enough - it's just I don't think I can handle that kind of responsibility. I love babies, and I love natural childbirth - so there has to be SOMETHING for me... right?

So where am I going with this?? Well, after some real soul searching, and some encouragement from family and friends, I have decided to take the necessary steps to become a certified DONA Doula!

We've talked about it - and I just never acted. Now I am ready to get on with it. I spoke with a Doula friend and she has pointed me in the right direction. My hope is to enroll in the November class and then we will go from there.

As for the time being, I am going to read anything and everything I can about Doulas and becoming one. Chris thinks this is what I was meant to do - and to be honest, so do I.

I can't wait!!

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