Sunday, April 14, 2013

Graham and his little ladies

Today my friend Amber and I went to a local baby fair! I've never really been to one before, but I have to say -  I loved going and plan to go to many more! I will have a separate post about our day posted tomorrow. I will say I cried at one point!

After the fair, we decided to go and visit our friend Jackie, as she was unable to make it. Now we all went to high school together. I met Jackie when I was five and was entering Kindergarten. We met Amber when we hit Junior High - or so I thought! I actually met Amber my first year square dancing - I think I was about ten when we first met... anyways - We all have children around the same age.

Amber's little girl Aria, was born in August - Graham came in October and Alexis was born two weeks after Graham! I LOVE IT! We haven't got all together yet (crazy I know as we all live somewhat close together) so today we had an impromptu play date. It was great.

Aria is on the move, crawling all over the place and is learning to climb. She loves to stand. Graham and Alexis are learning to sit unassisted and it's just the cutest thing ever. We snapped a couple of phone photos of the kidlets playing together. It was my first time meeting Alexis and my friend Jackie's first time to meet Graham. I think they all had a good time playing.

It was so fun to see Graham and the girls interact. James never had anyone his own age to play with at this stage so it's great to see him interact.
Do you see his new milestone? Sitting unassisted!! Go Graham Go!! Now, if I can slow time down, just a tad that would be great. Why you ask? I found him rocking on his hands and knees yesterday. I'm not ready for him to be fully mobile yet!
Happy Sunday! 

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