Friday, June 1, 2012

We've come to a decision...

In my last post, I talked about how I wanted to birth my second babe at home, with my midwife. Chris was not down at all... I've been putting the thought in his head since before we even got pregnant, but of course he just thought it was me rambling about nonsense.

When we found out we were actually pregnant I knew his views on Home Birth and I was determined to change his mind,

At our first midwife appointment I was asked where I wanted to birth and I said I would be delivering at the same Hospital that I delivered James in... knowing Chris wasn't comfortable with the idea of birthing at home.While my birth in the Hospital with James was far from terrible, I was just not comfortable and I do honestly believe that being at home where I am comfy, in my own space things will be somewhat smoother...

Fast forward four months and here we are... agreed that we will be birthing our second (and last babe) at home, hopefully in the water. I still need to speak with my midwives about it but I'm thinking since I had a natural vaginal birth with James and very little to no complications I'm hoping they agree that I am able to do this.

So, with that being said - I have my fingers crossed that we will be bringing baby #2 into this world, at home and hopefully in the water.

Happy Friday!

oh and we got some other great news today... Chris finally found a job!! Yippee! He starts Monday and he is working with one of the best companies in the lower mainland! The only poopy part is - since it`s a new job he is unable to make it to our 20 week scan next Friday - but I do have my Mom coming down to go with me!

Much love