Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Gender Reveal Party! Introducing....

On Saturday we had a small get together to reveal the gender of baby number 2!

I had gone for my anatomy scan on Friday, so our plan was to tell our close family and friends the good news. First off, the scan went great! My ultrasound tech was amazing! He was so kind and upbeat. I got to see the entire scan. Not once did he turn the screen away from me. I got to see what he was looking for and he did a great job at explaining certain parts of Baby D.

I found out I have an anterior placenta, which is why I haven't felt 'strong' kicks from the outside, and why I feel kicks low. Like LOW LOW. Baby D was also lying on his/her tummy pretty much the whole time. Very stubborn and uncooperative. But in the end the tech got what he needed.

My Mum and Dad were there as well, so they got to see Baby D in action. My Dad has never seen a live ultrasound before, just pictures so it was SO nice to have him there.

Chris wasn't able to make the appointment as you know so I asked the tech to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope so Chris and I could find out together. I got home to start getting things ready for the next day and Chris called me and asked me to open it. He couldn't wait and I was relieved as I wanted to know just as bad.

Saturday came and we got everything set up! I had all the cupcakes filled and the decorations ready! I was SO excited to share the news with everyone. We tallied up the votes - Boys: 7 Girls: 9. It was a close race... but in the end.....


I'd like you to meet Graham Malcolm. James is going to have a little brother! Chris and I are beyond excited. I started to cry on the phone when I told him. Chris was shocked that it wasn't a girl, as he had a gut feeling that it was. Everyone was so happy and they are all very excited to welcome this little man into the world sometime in October.

Much love