Sunday, June 3, 2012

What a week this will be

So this week is a VERY BIG WEEK!

First off - Chris starts his new job on Monday! I couldn't be more proud/excited/sad of/for him. I'm happy that he found a company that he wanted to work with in the first place, but I am also sad that he won't be home with us anymore during the day. But I will like getting back to my routine with James.

I only work one day this week - actually I only work 3 times this entire month - but that's for a later post!

Wednesday will mark 20 weeks PREGNANT! Yippee! I cannot believe that we are here already. But at the same time - there is still a lot of pregnancy left. I am feeling tried right now but it comes and goes in waves. My mum and dad will be coming down on Thursday which will be nice. James cannot wait to see his "Dama and Jock" as he would say.

My mum is going to take me to my ultrasound on Friday as Chris is unable to get time off. My friend suggested that I ask the Tech to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope so we can both find out together - I thought this was a great idea so that is what we are going to do! I am so freaking excited about Friday.

Saturday we are doing our gender reveal party. Yes I planned this sucker by myself and have gone slightly crazy with it. I have pink and blue decorations, Jelly Bellies, name it! I am just so thrilled to share the news with our close family and friends this way. Expect to see a post about it sometime next week!

Sneak peek at some decorations!

So that is what this week shall bring. I am looking forward to it! Hope you all had a great weekend... we really didn't do much - just read some Fifty Shades... Happy Sunday and I hope you all enjoy your week

Much love