Monday, August 22, 2011

We are children of the 80's

So as promised, here are some highlights of out 80's themed birthday for our buddy Jay. We had such a great time. 2 hours of bowling, cake and drinks (non alcoholic for me) and we got slighting sassy afterwards!

After putting my outfit together the night before, I decided I needed something different.... It was lacking the 80's style. So off to Talize we went the next morning. We got there at like 10:00 am or something. I had to be to work for noon, so we needed to make this a quick trip. We went straight to the vintage section.

Chris pull out this ensemble and I looked at his and said "OMG, that is the UGLIEST effing dress I have EVER seen" I was laughing so hard, then he swished it around and we both realized it was a JUMPSUIT! Chris almost yelled it out "OMG, It's got EFFING pants!" And that was that. I had to have it!

Partial group shot - can you spot me?

C looked like he stepped right out of a John Hughe's film. I thought we made quite the couple!

At the end of the night, prizes were awarded to the best Male and Female costumes. The winner's received a water bottle, wither either Batman or Barbie on it. Super fun Pop Rocks candy, and a PEZ. Can you guess who won??

My friend Jon and I took home the championship!
Like I said, By the end of the night, we were all feeling a little sassy... yes that is a denim skirt he is wearing.. that's Jon!

I haven't had that much fun in a while. Our circle of friends know how to have a good time! Until the next themed party...

Much love