Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You are disgusting.. I beg your pardon?!

So I have a rant to go on right now. This post in no was is to down FF mom's. I'll just put that out there right now.

A few days ago while I was at work, I had a couple of ladies come in. One of them were looking for cutlery for their child and the other was just there to shop with her friend. They were walking around the store and stopped and looked at some of the soothers we have. Lady A asked me if I ever gave J a "suckie" I said no I never did, as he wouldn't take one. Then she proceeded to ask me what age I think is good to take away a bottle and suckie. I replied with "It's each to their own in my opinion. If you think it's what your child needs then it's your decision"

She looked at me like I was a criminal. Lady B jumped right in to the conversation, "So you think it's ok for a 2 year old to have a bottle and suckie?? That is ridiculous!"

I didn't reply. She then starting talking about nursing. I thought to myself, "here we go. Now this could get interesting" hehe

Lady B : "While I understand that nursing forms a bond with mom and baby and I know that it's cheap..I think anything beyond 6 months is disgusting. Sure it's nutritious and all but so is formula. So there is to need to go past 6 months"

I looked at her and my jaw dropped. First off.; Breastfeeding is not cheap.. it's free and doesn't cost a penny!! Secondly, while most formulas are nutritious, Breast milk has much more 'goodness' than a man made product.

I was so annoyed by this point. Lady A said "I got to 6 months and stopped." I said that I think it was great that she made it to six months. Any time baby gets boobie milk is a great thing.

She asked me if I nursed my son or if I bottle fed him. I replied with "Oh I nursed. He never really took to a bottle, and he never had formula. I nursed him for 15.5 months"

SILENCE "15 months?? You dealt with teeth?" lady B said "That is DISGUSTING! 15 months is way to long. You are disgusting"

I was hurt, shocked, angry, PISSED! Who has the right to tell me that I am disgusting for nursing my son for that amount of time. I know women who have nursed well past 2 years.I know that I gave J the best of the best.

I looked at these two women and simply said "He wanted to nurse, I could produce so that is what we did. When he didn't want to nurse anymore, we stopped. I don't think it is disgusting at all. But what I do find disgusting is you telling me I am."

I asked her if she was a mom and she replied "No" then I said polietly asked her to leave leave. Lady A bought what she needed and left.

I was so hurt... the nerve of some people honestly.. who the hell are you to tell me it's disgusting if you have never DONE IT!!

Anyways that's that. Some people I tell ya..