Friday, August 19, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Tomorrow night, C and I have a "date" It's not really a date, but we are going out to celebrate a friends birthday. We are going 5 pin bowling, 80's style!

I have been looking forward to this for a few weeks now, and of course, I put off finding an outfit till the LAST minute! So today C, J and I went to Value Village to see what we could find.

We got there, and decided that we would hunt for C's outfit first. I LOVE to hunt for bargains. C had an idea on what he wanted. We began looking for the perfect 80's t-shirt. There was SO MANY to choose from.Seriously, I've never seen so many t shirts!! As I was rummaging through them, I found it! The PERFECT shirt for C. I want to show you right now, but i can't. He said I could put up pictures tomorrow hehe! Along with his shirt he bought a pair of tight-ish jeans.

Now off to find myself and outfit. I love to shop but hate to try clothes on. No lie. I went off with J and C went his way. I was coming up empty handed. J was yelling at other customers and making me laugh. I had an idea as well as to what I wanted to wear, but finding it was hard. Then I heard C call me. "Check this out!" he said with enthusiasm. "You so have to get this one!!" OH MY GOD! It is so hideous! I'll explain it.. it's 100& polyester... yuck, AND it's got polka dots... OH and I forgot to mention that it's shiny silver!

It's too perfect. So I got it.

I continued to look around. You never know what you can find in the mound of clothing they have. I came across the yoga pants section... at least I think that's what they called it. A small little symbol caught my eye. I walked over to the capri pants and snatched them up. I quickly looked at the price tag and the size. A HUGE smile came across my face. What I was holding in my hand was a pair of Lululemons. In perfect condition. Now I'm not one for brand names BUT when it comes to the fit and comfort of lulu, I can't resist. I got a great steal for 17.99! Yay. So that was our trip to Value Village. An hour and a half of shopping and 48.06 later - 80's costume here we come.

I have to admit that I will have to do some more shopping tomorrow as I'm in need of some new tights. And COLOR... I got home and my outfit seemed drab. So off we go tomorrow to Talize to see what they have to offer.

Pictures to come tomorrow!

Much love