Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last weekend of August..really?

I cannot believe that it's the last weekend of August! Where has the summer gone? I must say it has been a great weekend! Although I did have to work both Saturday and Sunday, it has still been a good one.

On Friday, we went over to my parents house for dinner. My dad made ribs.. mmm my favorite!! J got to play outside in his little pool that my mom got him. The boy LOVES to play in water.

We stayed overnight as it got late and we didn't want to wake J. The next day I had to go to work as did C. He had a side job to do for his boss. So J got to spend the day with my mom. I always check in! hehe When I first spoke to her she asked me how I did it! "He just goes, goes goes... It's not even noon yet and I'm exhausted!" I just chuckled to myself.

My day came to an end and C came to get me and off we went to pick up our wee little man and head over to C's parents out to celebrate C's grandmas 94th Birthday!

I felt bad as we were late (I HATE being late) but Grandma was very happy to see us. My Mother in Law made enough food to feed an army! We had ham, turkey, salmon, potato salad and MANY MANY other side dishes. She also made an Angel Food cake which happens to be one of my favorites!! Grandma opened her gifts and then everyone headed home (it was about 9:45)

We spent the night there (travelling Gypsies) I again had to be to work today for 10:00 (I'm always early) so here I am, at work writing this post. It's so quiet at work as the sun is shining and people want to be outside.. not indoors!

Good thing I'm only here till 3:00! We are going back to my MIL for dinner tonight as she has SO much food left! Here's hoping that my day flies by! I want to see my little man!! 

SO that's that. Last weekend of August was spent with both sides of the family. I love weekends like that.

 Much love