Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy busy buzzing bee...

What a week this is going to be! First off, I'd like to say Hi to all my new followers! I am so very excited to link up with blog hops and meet other blogger mums!! Secondly - Summer is FINALLY here in Vancouver! Woohoo!!

I am a summer baby. Birthday is two weeks away today - which means J is going to be a year and a half in two very short weeks. I also have holidays coming up.. that's exciting!!

So this week is going to be a a very busy week. Monday and Tuesday are write offs for me. I don't work, but I do need to get housework done and spend some time in the beautiful sunshine with J! Wednesday I work, Thursday I work, Friday we have a rehearsal for J, as he is a ring bearer at my friends wedding on Saturday. Then Saturday...I work 11-3, need to be out in Whiterock for 4 so J can get his photo's taken with the wedding party (that gives me literally 30 minutes to get there!) Then we get to watch our friends say their vows and become husband and wife. And yes I will cry! And then Sunday I have to work..

So, now that I'm looking at it all typed down.. it doesn't seem THAT bad... but I don't like rushing.. I need time to get ready and I HATE to be late..and I don't like being rushed.. did I already say that??
Thankfully after the week is done, I can relax slightly - then I get to enjoy my birthday.... and then holidays... so more to come!

Much love