Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls - a new love!

I finally ditched the dryer sheets and opted for a more natural solution. Wool dryer balls.

I had been looking around for the best deal (I'm a stickler for paying full price) and I finally found a company who offered a great size and also great colors. Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls! PLUS - she's local to me!! Even better as I do not have to pay for shipping. BONUS!!

Sacha (the owner) was having a 2 for $10.00 sale and I jumped on board and bought 4 for $20.00 - such a great deal. She asked what colors I wanted and I decided on Lavender and Mint. I was so excited when she let me know they were ready for pick up!!

C and I drove out to her place to pick them up and let me tell you, once I got them, I went back to the car and played with them all the way home. I used them immediately with my diaper laundry.

My dryer balls - as you can see they are getting used - A LOT
My first load in the dryer was all my prefolds - I have to admit, it did take less time to dry - which made me very happy. I also noticed they felt more soft than before. Again another bonus.

I continued to use them with all our other laundry and was so pleased with the drying time. Even on larger loads, it seemed like the drying time was cut in half. What would usually take 2 drying times just took one. And I loved the fact that my clothes didn't come out smelling like dryer sheets.

I was worried that they would cause a lot of noise in the dryer but was surprised that they didn't make a whole lot of noise. My other plastic dryer balls made so much clanging, these are just soft thuds.

I have been using them now for a few weeks and I am in love with them. I want some more!!

I want to thank Sacha from Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls for making a great green product. I have NOTHING bad to say about them. They work wonderfully and are a great alternative to dryer sheets.

If you want to purchase your own head on over to her facebook page here:

All the dryer balls are made of Sheep wool and come in fun funky colors or just plain.

1 for $9
2 for $16
4 for $30
6 for $45
8 for $57
Scents added - $1.50 per pair


Right now she has a sale going on - 2 wool dryer balls for $10.00 - good until Friday July 1 - get yours while you can! You won't be disappointed!!