Thursday, June 9, 2011

My cloth diaper stash...

So I really wanted to show you all how we store our cloth dipes, and our change area. It's nothing special. Before this we were using J's dresser, but then he got more clothes and I needed the space.

My storage system. Most of them are in there. But I will need another soon
 I bought this 4 drawer tower from Wal Mart. I think I paid $20.00 for it. I never thought that I would fill it up so fast. I honestly thought that it would be large enough to fit everything...but I was wrong. It's completely full in this photo and I have a days and a bit worth of diapers in the pail.

The top small drawer holds all of our prefolds. I've been using these up today and yesterday so there is only one lonely one in there.. in total, we have 4 Jamtots, 1 Organic Flip and 2 Econobum prefolds.

The second smaller drawer houses all our covers. This also includes our fleece liners and some extra Kushie's inserts. I have 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap covers (Mango and Meadow), 1 Kawaii cover in green, a flip in Ribbit, and 2 Econobum covers in Moonbeam. I also just received my fleece covers from Monster Fluff Studio's. Keep and eye out for a review!

The third large drawer is where we store all our pocket diapers and AIO. At the moment this one has, 2 Baby Kanga's, 2 Rumparooz G2, a MiniMaestro, 5 GoGreen, 2 Fuzzi Bunz and a Charlie Banana. Oops, almost forgot the Red Duca Duca in the top right hand corner. This drawer is stuffed. I don't think I could fit anymore in here.

The fourth and final drawer has yet more pocket diapers as well as some fitteds.

In this drawer, there are 2 Blissful Booty AIO, 3 Tetro Fitted diapers, 2 Goodnight Heavy Wetters from Kawaii and 7 more Kawaii diapers.

I also have a bunch that are in the diaper pail, and I was thinking that it's kind of gross to show you the inside, so I'll show you the pail and let you know what we have been using!

A simple white, foot pedal garbage can, makes for a great diaper pail. There is a Bummis Fabulous Wet bag as a pail liner.

So, voila! Here is out diaper pail. We were originally just using the wet bag in there on the back of J's door since we started cloth diapers. I didn't have a pail until just recently. And I'll let you in on something else.. we only had ONE wet bag... yest just ONE wet bag lol... Needless to say our bummis wet bag has been put through the ringer.. and it's still holding up!

In the diaper pail.. I have most of my prefolds, another GNHW from Kawaii, my one and only Applecheeks diaper....uhmm... hold on. let me go check again lol.....

Ok.. there is also another Kawaii pocket diaper, and another MiniMaestro. We keep the diaper pail in the bathroom, as J likes to pull out dirty diapers... and quite frankly, I think it's disgusting!!!

We phased out disposable wipes and brought in some cloth ones. If you haven't read my review on my Sweet Bobbin wipes, you should check it out! They are wonderful! I store my wipes in an old Huggie's container...

Simple as that. I also have a wall hanging organizer that I keep all our bum creams, spray bottle, and extra wipes in.

I also keep J's swim diaper there, as well as his teething necklace, diaper liners, RnG Shake it up pail freshener and his picky stickies!! Almost forgot to mention, we now have three pail liners/wet bags. I bought a GroVia pail liner and LOVE it, I also won a Knickernappies Doorknob diaper pail and lucked out that it fit's my diaper pail perfectly!!!

So there you have it! My diaper stash and accessories!