Friday, July 12, 2013

Teething Sucks!

Graham cut teeth four months earlier than James did. I can remember when James cut his first tooth. He was MISERABLE! But I was so excited that he finally had a tooth. He was eight months old  nine months old, and looked so cute with his one tooth.

Then another one came in, then another one - and my poor guy was in pain. I used Hylands teething tablets, and those Camilla Drops, but soon stopped using them due to the Belladonna in them. I did have an Amber Necklace for him that he started to wear around 6 months of age, but I didn't keep it on him all the time. After his first tooth, that sucker stayed on day and night.

After that, I never knew when James cut a new tooth. He was so content and happy - the Amber was doing it's job.

Well...that's not the case for Graham.

Graham cut his first two teeth February 18 of this year. During that week, he was in so much pain. He was angry, upset and just down right miserable. He was wearing his necklace - but it wasn't helping. I hate giving Tylenol, but that's what it came down to. I refuse to give him tablets or use the teething gel.

Then he cut his top teeth, and again, it was a week worth of tears, no sleep and pain. I hate seeing my babies in pain. His gums were swollen, and he was chewing on EVERYTHING! Bedtime was horrible. He just couldn't settle down, and would wake every hour to comfort nurse. I didn't mind the comfort nursing - it helped soothe him, but what I didn't like was the fact he would fall asleep and then an hour later would be up screaming his face off.

I do not function well off of little to no sleep.

Graham has been showing signs of more teeth coming in for a few months now - but in the last week, he's been in teething mode. Drool everywhere - chewing on anything and everything. I looked in his mouth and from what I can see - there are six...yes you read that right - SIX new teeth on their way in.

Four on the top - lateral and canine and his lateral incisors on the bottom. This makes for a VERY VERY cranky baby. During the day he seems fine. Happy to go about his day crawling and chasing after James. Nap time comes around and he nurses the whole time... he has his toys that he chews on and he gets frozen treats (pears, peaches and sweet potato) but as soon as bed time rolls around... shit hits the fan.

We give him his bath, cuddle for a bit and then I take over to nurse him to sleep. The last three nights I have been giving him a dose of Tylenol because I can see that his gums are hurting him. I don't know what else to give him (*I have purchased some teething oil - I am hoping this works*)

Last night was better than the last two. He nursed to sleep and slept a good 4 hours - then the Tylenol wears off and he's up hurting. In to bed he comes with me and I nurse him... he falls asleep, but wakes very easily. This goes on about every hour. Wakes up, comfort nurses, falls asleep and then repeat.

The worst was two days ago. Went to bed fine, woke up four hours later and then up EVERY SINGLE HOUR. By 3:00 am he was so awake it took me two hours to get him back to sleep. I was crying, he was crying - we were both a mess.

Graham is not the best sleeper. I know he needs more, but he's so busy that, its like he doesn't have time to sleep. He just wants to be up and about with James.

I am hoping that these darn teeth come in quick. I hate seeing him upset and we BOTH need sleep... badly!

Tell me... how did your young ones handle teething? Any tips you would like to share? Comment below.

Much love

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