Monday, July 1, 2013

A Long Weekend Away

We decided to do Canada Day long weekend a little different this year. Usually we spend the weekend up in Osoyoos at the trailer, but instead we spent it at my parents... the WHOLE famjam was there.

My sister and her boyfriend we coming to BC for the week so we decided to do a family get together at my mums place for the weekend.

Chris took the Friday off of work and we decided to leave Thursday after work - BAD IDEA! Graham hates travelling  - James is amazing - and Graham just screams at everyone... I don't know what we were thinking, leaving in the afternoon like that. #parentingfail

Anyways, a 3 hour trip turned into almost 4.5 hours - we didn't get to my parents until 10:00 Thursday night and I was ready to pull all of my hairs out. THANKFULLY, both the boys slept really well and woke up refreshed and happy!!

There were a lot of firsts this weekend.

Excuse the 'TMI' moment - but James is finally peeing standing up! He was so afraid of doing it and we couldn't figure out why. then we got to my Mums and BAM! "MUM! I did it! I stood up!!"

Jimmy also had his first real water fight with his Uncle Ryan and Aunties. He had such a blast. My Mum had gone out and picked up some new toys for him and I think the big kids had more fun with them.

Along with turning eight months old on the weekend - Graham also had his first taste of Spaghetti sauce. I was hesitant to give it to him for whatever reason, but he chowed down and loved it! My little man can eat!

It was quite warm at my parents - so we spent most of the days outside in the back yard. It was so nice to be able to sit and relax outside with the boys. I caught some great shots of nature and some awesome shots of the boys and daddy! The only downside was the swarms of mosquitoes... they don't like me or the boys, but everyone else got bitten.

My Grandparents came to visit on Sunday which was great! We did a turkey dinner - crazy I know, but it was SO good. Graham loved turkey and cabbage rolls.

We all had a wonderful weekend. Full of laughter and fun. So corny, but we did. The car ride home was a breeze. So note to self for the next time we travel... LEAVE IN THE MORNING!! Graham will be happier with that - and so will we.
I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day.
Much love

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