Sunday, July 14, 2013

Packing Up

When we moved the last time - it was easy peasy. James would sit and play quietly with his toys, we would listen to music and I could pack up during the day. When it came time to move - it went so smoothly - Chris and I thought we were in the twilight zone!

That is NOT the case now. HOLY CRAP! Things are so much more difficult.

Firstly, James will not sit and play with toys - the TV needs to be on (if I turn it off, he turns it back on and then there is a fight) I am sick to death of Kick Buttowski and Tree House. He runs around like a mad man - and I know it's because it's SO gorgeous out - but I cannot go out. I need to pack.

Secondly - Graham is ALL over the place. I have tried keeping them with me while packing boxes, but it gets hard when you have a mountain of shit everywhere!! Not to mention that everything goes into Grahams mouth - we found him sucking on a piece of chalk. GROSS! it's difficult to watch them and pack...

Chris and I agreed that this weekend we would go on a packing spree. Saturday we got up and before we knew it the morning got away from us. We had lunch and then it was nap time for the boys. BOTH of us fell asleep with the boys. We woke up and it was time to go and get groceries. After that it was dinner time so Saturday was a complete write off.

This morning I was adamant that we pack SOMETHING! I made breakfast and off we went to pack. We got Jimbo's room done, as well as the toys that they are not playing with. We did keep some things out for them, but the majority of toys are packed. The linen closet is done as is most of the bathroom. The other closet that we have is getting there. My plan is to work on the kitchen tomorrow and during the week.

We now have boxes everywhere. I HATE having a disorganized house, but this is how we will have to live till next week!

Wish us luck!!

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