Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day Downtown

My sister has been in town for the week on holidays. It's been so great to have her here. James loves spending time with his Aunt and Uncle.

Yesterday we all decided to go Downtown Vancouver and visit Chris for lunch. After that we thought we could just walk around till he was off of work. And that is exactly what we did!

We all piled into the car and headed down. James is always so excited to go downtown. I don't know what it is.. but he loves it. We found parking (which is CRAZY expensive) and then got out to find Chris. I decided to bring the stroller, just in case James got tired. Both boys did not have their naps, except for the carried in so I knew James MAY need to sleep. I had Graham is my trusty Ergo and the boy was as happy as a clam.

We finally found Chris and decided to go for some food. James didn't want what we were having, so he just ate a cookie. After a very short 20 minute lunch, Chris had to head back. James was very upset that Daddy couldn't stay with us, but I assured Jimbo that we would be back soon, to pick Daddy up from work. He said OK and said bye.

After that, James wanted some ice cream. That's all he was talking about. "Ice cream please?! Auntie - I have some ice cream?" So we all set out to find James some ice cream - and explore a little.

First off, since we were close to Canada Place we thought we would check it out. There were a bunch of float planes taking off and landing and James thought it was so cool. After about 15 minutes of looking around Graham fell asleep. I didn't mind - the little man needs his sleep.

There were a lot of things James could play with and touch and look at there. He had a great time walking around Canada Place.

After that we set out to look for an ice cream place. This whole time James has been asking if he can have some. I honestly thought it wouldn't be very difficult to find an ice cream joint - but it was.. no lie. We walked around for a good hour before we found anything, Finally - at the verge of giving up and buying a store bought Drumstick - YOGEN FRUZ!

James was so excited! He wanted chocolate ice cream with chocolate candies on top. *Bad Mummy moment #34546 - James didn't actually have lunch this day. A cookie, and frozen yogurt WAS his lunch*

I got what I usually get - Blueberry Frozen Yogurt. At this time Graham woke up - hungry. I brought a bottle of breast milk for him and he chowed down like a champ! Once we were finished it was tome to go and pick up Daddy.

It was one of the most sweetest moments ever!! Chris was walking up the street towards us - James was sitting in the stroller - James sees Chris ' "Daddy??" James scrambles out of the stroller and hightails it towards Chris yelling "Daddy!! HI Daddy!" Oh gosh. My heart melted. We all drove home together - both boys fell asleep again and that was that. They were amazing while out and about. Better than I expected!

I should mention - James is STILL talking about his ice cream... silly kid.

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