Sunday, December 11, 2011

What a weekend!

UGH! That sums up the weekend! Kinda...

On Friday I found out I won 3 new itti bitti diapers... woo! There's a big plus! Then C, J and I ventured out to get some Christmas shopping done.

We headed off to Home Depot (not my fave place but it's kinda fun!) J got to ride in his 'Car car' cart. The kid LOVES the car. We picked up C's dad's prezzie, which is a new leaf blower. My father in law is the hardest person to shop for. He has everything already but we got lucky as his leaf blower went KAPUT just the day before. Then we decided to check out London Drugs. I wanted to get my mom a new hair dryer. Odd gift I know, but she can use it. So we found a great one with a good price tag! Yay!

After that we decided to go out for dinner. We decided on White Spot, BUT I changed my mind and wanted IHOP. Bad choice! Never again!! Enough said!

Saturday rolled around and I had to work. First off J didn't wake up till 9:30! Sleep in!! Woo! We got up had a waffle breakfast and got ready to go to the mall. We wanted to get his Santa pictures done this year. So off we went.

We got to the mall and it was busy! The line for Santa was like an hour long, so C decided to get in line right away but as he was coming in the lady said that 'Santa' was going on lunch and would be back in an hour... so 1:00pm. (The time was 12:00pm) Poor C!

I went off to work and C decided to go and get some new tree lights (all of ours were burnt out from last year BOO) and he also wanted to get some wrapping paper. Now usually I use gift bags but, I like to wrap a few presents to put under the tree.

Finally 1:00 rolled around and C got J to see Santa. We made a bet that J would cry..but to my surprise he didn't flinch. He was so happy to see him and smiled BIG for the camera!

C got some more shopping done for his mom and part of my gift. So now, we just to get my dad, C and the remainder of my gifts and voila! Shopping done!

Today was a write off for me. I'm just so beat. J slept in again today (till 10!!) but I was soo tired. I was supposed to go to my work Christmas party but decided to cancel as I think I need some much needed sleep.

So there's a recap of my weekend. Busy.busy,busy....I love Christmas, but I can't wait to be able to kick back an relax once it's all over with. Then we can celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversay and celebrate J's 2 Birthday!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Much love