Sunday, December 4, 2011

Omaiki Fitted Diaper and Cover Review

We have been having issues with our nighttime diapering. J is such a heavy wetter they he seems to leak through EVERYTHING.... and I mean EVERYTHING! So as I was browsing the Internet one night, I started looking up fitted diaper companies.. or any company who offered a fitted nighttime diaper.

Omaiki, came up... I was intrigued by the name and wanted to know more. Well, I hit the jackpot! First off, they are Canadian and secondly, they have an AWESOME looking fitted diaper. I thought, why not contact them to see if they are interested. Well, guess what.. they were!!

A little bit about Omaiki Diapers:

Omaïki was created after the meeting of 2 mothers. When their children, Loïk and Mika, were born in 2007, both young mothers were already avid supporters of washable diapers, because they wanted to protect the environment in which their new children would grow up...
Many people have asked where the word Omaïki comes from. Well you need search no further: it is not a foreign word or an expression. It is simply an abbreviation composed of the initials of their childrens’ names...
The innovative Omaïki product line is designed, developed and produced in Canada. The products offer a wide range of advantages which will meet the expectations of the most demanding young fathers and mothers: Omaïki products are environmentally friendly in terms of the manufacturing process and in the way they are used; they are economical, sustainable and comfortable because they are made from a soft material that has both aesthetic and contemporary appeal. It won’t be long before both family and friends fall in love with Omaïki products!

I let them know that I was looking for a nighttime solution for my heavy wetter, they suggested their fitted diaper and a cover. I agreed.

My package arrived about 3 day later, and right off the bat, I knew we were going to have success.

I was sent their Ö Sleep fitted diaper and a one-size diaper cover in white. They also supplied a sample of their diaper wash solution. I was very impressed with the fast shipping.

The review:

The Ö Sleep fitted is SUPER soft. It's a fitted aplix diaper made of  multi-ply bamboo viscose with a velvet outer shell and an interior suede cloth lining in order to keep baby dry all night. The aplix is very sturdy and seems very durable. The laundry tabs hold up in my top loader washer, and is comes clean every time. No stains, nada! Omaiki says this diaper could fit from 8 lbs + but I think 10 - 12 lbs is a better guess. Even snapped down it looks HUGE for a newborn.

I also really like the embroidery detail on the back. It's a nice touch.

I washed the diaper right away and let J wear it for his nap. He woke up dry as a bone. So I washed it again. We used it the next night with no extra boosters or inserts. He woke up soaked! I didn't let that deter me as I knew that this diaper needed a few more washings before it would be a full absorption capacity. So back into the wash it went. That night we decided to put in an extra hemp insert. I was very hopeful that night.

The next morning, he was...DRY! Dry, dry, dry!! YAY! the diaper and insert were soaked but the cover held up and there were no leaks.

The Omaiki cover is similar to another big name brand company but I feel the material that is used is more durable. Not as flimsy as some of my other PUL covers. the aplix again, is strong and sturdy and as never come undone in the wash. It has leg gussets that have kept in some nasty messes. It washes very well and it's my go to cover now. Plus their color selection is INCREDIBLE!!

My over review of this diaper is, I NEED MORE! paired with one of our hemp inserts it's bullet proof. I have used a fleece cover over top and J has still woke up from his 12+ sleep dry. It's a great diaper.

Omaiki has a great selection of diapers. They have AIO, pockets, fitted, Mini-O (for infants!!) and even training pants. Plus they have a accessories too! Wet bags, feminine products and washing solution!

They are a Canadian company and as of right now they will only sell to Canada as they are not ** compliant yet.

So I urge my Canadian readers to check them out. There is a list of their retailers on the website. It's definitely worth taking a look.

NOW!, on to the goods. Omaiki has offered one of my readers their very own fitted diaper AND cover!!

*Please note this is open to Canadian mailing address only. Sorry!*

Fill out the rafflecopter form for your chance to win!!

Thank you Omaiki diapers for allowing me to review your diaper and covers. And a BIG thank you for the giveaway as well!

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