Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ahhh!! Ok there was really no reason for the..yell..but I just thought I would be dramatic!

I just had to share this. My little man is picking up on his signs and I am such a proud mommy!! First off, his vocab is expanding.. slowly, but still; he is learning some new words. Yesterday, he saw the star on my sleep shirt. looked at it then turned and looked at me and said "Mama, staar" Then clapped his hands.

Then while we were watching Signing Time there was the part where they signed grass. I asked J "Can you sign grass?" BAM his little hand came up under his chin to sign grass. I was so surprised!! After his attention went from the TV to his play table, which plays annoying repetitive music, but he seems to love it. He pushed the button that goes through the colors "There's so many colors, here are just a few, RED, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE..." Well, he looked at me and when the voice said RED he signed ...red!! Again I gave him lots of praise and clapped my hands, as did J.

Then we went through our ABC, bow he's trying so so so hard to sign his alphabet. He can point out the letters' B and D and kind of sign then. But when we go through the ABC's he moves his little hand like mommy does. SO cute.

Another, new thing he's doing is jumping. No on the couch or in bed but on the floor and he loves to do it. He looks like he's galloping. I think it's because he's such a hefty little boy. Haha!

His babbles, are like incoherent sentences. I know that some day soon, the babbles will be full blown, spoken sentences.

My little boy, is growing and learning so much each day!! We are planning on getting our little home decorated this week. I feel so far behind! Last year everything was done by the 16 of November!

Wish me luck!

Much love