Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oookay, this is what has been going on.. (kinda long..?)

Sooo...to start things off, I have some exciting news! No no, I'm not pregnant (although I'm ready for #2), I went back to work! Nothing full time. I don’t think I could handle that amount of time away from my son.

I am working part time (maybe 3 shifts a week, for 4-6 hours) and I am working at a baby boutique in the mall! I am so excited about it! I was asked to come in for an interview at the beginnging of the month, and went to meet with the owner. I have never really worked retail, my last jobs we office jobs and working in a restaurant. So I was a little nervous that you hinder my chances.

I should note that, I had gone in prior to sending in my resume. I went and bought a new diaper (FB) and spoke with the owner (let's call her M) about any open opportunities. I went home and resent my resume.

I went in for an interview and spoke with three different people (and a rep for a new Baltic Amber teething company). Let's say, it was one of the longest interviews I have ever done) the first person I spoke to (we will call her A) asked general questions about myself and my knowledge. I felt like it was more of a "let's try to get to know you a little, and see if you will 'fit' well in the community' She was very nice and I felt comfortable talking to her. This went on for about 40 minutes. After she left for the night, I met with the other owner (We will call him Mr. T). Our conversation lasted about 30 minutes. I finally got to speak with M. By this time I felt like I could do the job that they needed me to do. Ok to make a long story short, I was offered the job and my first shift was in two days. Needless to say, I was super excited and totally nervous, but now I am so happy that I have this.

Don't get me wrong. I love staying home with J, but I needed something that I could do - away from our home. So, that’s that. I am now a part time stay at home mom, and so far, it’s been great!!

Much love!