Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holy Poop! I won!!

Ok so I know I haven't been around on MY blog for a while now. And I feel bad, so today, I am going to blog blog blog! With pictures!

First off I just have to do a little happy dance. In the last week I have won a bunch of stuff. Who doesn't love winning!! Two weeks ago I won a FREE pair of BearPaw Boots from FREESHOESFRIDAY on twitter (btw, I LOVE THEM) I also have won a couple of diapers (Last night I won a Blissful Botty dipe for J - I really REALLY wanted to try them before I bought some more, yay!) And then this morning I woke up, checked my email and found out that I won the GoGreen Pocket Diapers giveaway at Soleil Selene! I think there were 1200+ comments..and I won!!

I will receive, 2 diapers, a wet bag and 25 cloth wipes. Along with a 25.00 giftcard! How cool is that!! I am just so happy right now!!

Anyways, I will be back later to sum up what's been going on around the Duncan household. That includes our day trip to my hometown Penticton...

Much love