Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My little Canuck!

On Sunday we had our family photo shoot. We had them done when J was 6 months old and I wanted to do them again for his 1 year birthday, but our photographer (Mrs.J) was totally booked! So, we opted for a '13 month' shoot.

When we had our pictures take in the summer (July 2010) I decided we should all be in light blue shirts and khaki shorts. I love how they turned out. We were down in Burns Bog (one of my hubby's favorite spots). We had glorious weather and J was a great sport. This time around, I knew J wouldn't mind the shoot as he loves the camera (and also looking at his own pictures) We decided to take them at my MIL house. They have a great front yard as well as a great backyard.

When I got up that morning I was SO SO happy that the sun was shining, but it was still pretty cold. I didn't have a 'picture worthy' sweater for J, or C to be perfectly honest so I needed to come up with a 'theme'..hmmm, BAM it hit me! Let's do a 'Canucks' theme. I knew we all had article of clothing that was Vancouver Canucks official.

So there, I decided that J would wear his Vintage 'Nucks jersey he got for his 1st Birthday (Thanks Uncie J!!), I have a Johnny Canuck shirt that C bought me when I got to go to my very first EVER Vancouver Game (that was in 2010) and then I got to C.. hmmm I know he's got a hat, but that's it. UGH!!! Off to Wal Mart we went!!

SCORE!! We got him a shirt for $12.00!! Ahh I love a good deal. Anyways, the photo shoot went great. Mrs.J got some lovely shots and I cannot wait to see all the edited images once they are all done. She did provide me with some teaser photos. I think we all look pretty good. J is SO handsome and has changed quite a bit since July of last year... brings a tear to my eye but i love watching him grow and learn everyday!

Here's J at 6 months and again at 13 months.

Much love! xo