Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls - a new love!

I finally ditched the dryer sheets and opted for a more natural solution. Wool dryer balls.

I had been looking around for the best deal (I'm a stickler for paying full price) and I finally found a company who offered a great size and also great colors. Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls! PLUS - she's local to me!! Even better as I do not have to pay for shipping. BONUS!!

Sacha (the owner) was having a 2 for $10.00 sale and I jumped on board and bought 4 for $20.00 - such a great deal. She asked what colors I wanted and I decided on Lavender and Mint. I was so excited when she let me know they were ready for pick up!!

C and I drove out to her place to pick them up and let me tell you, once I got them, I went back to the car and played with them all the way home. I used them immediately with my diaper laundry.

My dryer balls - as you can see they are getting used - A LOT
My first load in the dryer was all my prefolds - I have to admit, it did take less time to dry - which made me very happy. I also noticed they felt more soft than before. Again another bonus.

I continued to use them with all our other laundry and was so pleased with the drying time. Even on larger loads, it seemed like the drying time was cut in half. What would usually take 2 drying times just took one. And I loved the fact that my clothes didn't come out smelling like dryer sheets.

I was worried that they would cause a lot of noise in the dryer but was surprised that they didn't make a whole lot of noise. My other plastic dryer balls made so much clanging, these are just soft thuds.

I have been using them now for a few weeks and I am in love with them. I want some more!!

I want to thank Sacha from Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls for making a great green product. I have NOTHING bad to say about them. They work wonderfully and are a great alternative to dryer sheets.

If you want to purchase your own head on over to her facebook page here:

All the dryer balls are made of Sheep wool and come in fun funky colors or just plain.

1 for $9
2 for $16
4 for $30
6 for $45
8 for $57
Scents added - $1.50 per pair


Right now she has a sale going on - 2 wool dryer balls for $10.00 - good until Friday July 1 - get yours while you can! You won't be disappointed!! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Best of the Best Bottoms

Wanna chance to win a Best Bottom diaper?? Well if you do head on over to Love You Always and Forever's blog for your chance to win!!

I would SO love to win this and do my own review!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, a day for rest... YA RIGHT!

For the last few days, J has not been himself. On Tuesday he spiked a fever and had a little appetite. On Wednesday, he was fevered again (low grade) and again, was not himself. He was napping for 3+ hours and still sleeping 14 hours each night. He didn't have a big appetite, so I thought maybe it was the flu, or possibly teething. I wanted to think it was a growth spurt but I was very wrong! Then two days ago, he broke out in a small rash behind his ear. He was scratching at it, but would leave it alone fore most part of the day. Then yesterday he broke out all over his poor face. He didn't have much of a fever anymore, but still was very picky with his food.

Well, then TODAY he wakes up and he is covered all over his chest and face with a red spotty rash. C and i were trying to think what it could be... allergic reaction? Heat rash? Chicken Pox, measles, mumps?? We had NO IDEA. So we left it alone as I thought I would take him to the clinic tomorrow and see what was up. The rash subsided a bit (not so red) so we headed out to do what we needed to get done.

Our first stop today was to go and visit K and her mom. J needed to get fitted..well in all honesty he needed his pants hemmed. He is going to be one of two ring bearers at Aunt K's wedding in 2 weeks. So we went and did that and my friend Mrs. J said J's rash could be Roseola, as her son X had it before. I didn't think much of it, so after that off we went for dinner with the family.

We were at my Grandma and Grandpa's for a couple of hours, and J took a nap on me. When I looked down at his arm the rash had spread and it was bright red, I looked at C and said "Let's go to the ER, I wanna know what's" he didn't argue and we got up and went to the ER. (Thankfully it was a 5 minute drive) We got there, and waited....and waited and waited. FINALLY we got to see the Triage Nurse. She was asking all the standard questions, and when she asked where the rash started I replied with "Behind his ear" the look on her face was priceless. She took us to a room and said "I don't usually close the door, but in your case i need to. He may have the measles!" "Oh S***" I said to C. The measles was the last thing I wanted to hear.

J was crying and crying. He was hungry and tired and I just wanted to get him home. The very VERY hunky doctor came in (I mean..drool worthy lol) took a look at J. He checked his ears (J didn't like that too much) and also checked his mouth, and what not. J was screaming and I was crying lol... in the end, he told us that it's not the measles as J is up to date with his shots but he does have Roseola. AHH thank god!

So now J just has to wait it out. It should clear up in a few days. Needless to say, today has been one of those days. I am so thankful that J isn't seriously ill and also thankful for my Grams who made me a WONDERFUL dinner.

Until the next post, hug your little one and let them know you love them

Much love


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We lost!

Game 7 - History will be made

It's game day. It all comes down to Game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals. Vancouver and Boston will go head to head tonight at Roger's Arena to win Lord Stanley's Cup. I have to be honest and say that I haven't really slept at all. I was up most of the night running it through my head.. how the city will be if we win and how devastate we will be if we lose....

I remember watching the 94' game..Vancouver vs New York.  I was 6 going on 7 and I was a devoted Nucks' fan at that age. I remember settling on the floor in front of the 27" TV watching my team try to win. In the end we lost 3-2 and I was DEVASTATED! My mom told me that I sat in font of our TV for hours after the game sobbing. "We lost the game mum.. we lost!" I was never the same after that!

It took about 10 years before I started watching hockey again. I am now a devoted Canucks fan... a true believer! The final series has been..rough and tough and down right exciting. But nothing will compare to tonight's game. One team will be victorious and the other will leave the ice with their heads hung.

I don't know what else to say.. I feel sick thinking about it. One thing is for sure.. tonight's game will be an epic one! HISTORY WILL BE MADE!!!

I believe... oh do I ever!

Much love xoxo


Thursday, June 9, 2011

My cloth diaper stash...

So I really wanted to show you all how we store our cloth dipes, and our change area. It's nothing special. Before this we were using J's dresser, but then he got more clothes and I needed the space.

My storage system. Most of them are in there. But I will need another soon
 I bought this 4 drawer tower from Wal Mart. I think I paid $20.00 for it. I never thought that I would fill it up so fast. I honestly thought that it would be large enough to fit everything...but I was wrong. It's completely full in this photo and I have a days and a bit worth of diapers in the pail.

The top small drawer holds all of our prefolds. I've been using these up today and yesterday so there is only one lonely one in there.. in total, we have 4 Jamtots, 1 Organic Flip and 2 Econobum prefolds.

The second smaller drawer houses all our covers. This also includes our fleece liners and some extra Kushie's inserts. I have 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap covers (Mango and Meadow), 1 Kawaii cover in green, a flip in Ribbit, and 2 Econobum covers in Moonbeam. I also just received my fleece covers from Monster Fluff Studio's. Keep and eye out for a review!

The third large drawer is where we store all our pocket diapers and AIO. At the moment this one has, 2 Baby Kanga's, 2 Rumparooz G2, a MiniMaestro, 5 GoGreen, 2 Fuzzi Bunz and a Charlie Banana. Oops, almost forgot the Red Duca Duca in the top right hand corner. This drawer is stuffed. I don't think I could fit anymore in here.

The fourth and final drawer has yet more pocket diapers as well as some fitteds.

In this drawer, there are 2 Blissful Booty AIO, 3 Tetro Fitted diapers, 2 Goodnight Heavy Wetters from Kawaii and 7 more Kawaii diapers.

I also have a bunch that are in the diaper pail, and I was thinking that it's kind of gross to show you the inside, so I'll show you the pail and let you know what we have been using!

A simple white, foot pedal garbage can, makes for a great diaper pail. There is a Bummis Fabulous Wet bag as a pail liner.

So, voila! Here is out diaper pail. We were originally just using the wet bag in there on the back of J's door since we started cloth diapers. I didn't have a pail until just recently. And I'll let you in on something else.. we only had ONE wet bag... yest just ONE wet bag lol... Needless to say our bummis wet bag has been put through the ringer.. and it's still holding up!

In the diaper pail.. I have most of my prefolds, another GNHW from Kawaii, my one and only Applecheeks diaper....uhmm... hold on. let me go check again lol.....

Ok.. there is also another Kawaii pocket diaper, and another MiniMaestro. We keep the diaper pail in the bathroom, as J likes to pull out dirty diapers... and quite frankly, I think it's disgusting!!!

We phased out disposable wipes and brought in some cloth ones. If you haven't read my review on my Sweet Bobbin wipes, you should check it out! They are wonderful! I store my wipes in an old Huggie's container...

Simple as that. I also have a wall hanging organizer that I keep all our bum creams, spray bottle, and extra wipes in.

I also keep J's swim diaper there, as well as his teething necklace, diaper liners, RnG Shake it up pail freshener and his picky stickies!! Almost forgot to mention, we now have three pail liners/wet bags. I bought a GroVia pail liner and LOVE it, I also won a Knickernappies Doorknob diaper pail and lucked out that it fit's my diaper pail perfectly!!!

So there you have it! My diaper stash and accessories!

I've caught it!

So I'll finally admit it... I have a very bad case of Baby Fever! It seems like everywhere I turn, I see a pregnant lady, or a friend of mine is announcing she is expecting.. and I'm like "damn... I want to be pregnant again..." but then I stop and think about that..hmm... what would life be like with two little D's running around.. scratch that... how about little J running around and Mum trying to juggle a newborn and J... WOW! But I can't help it. I love little J so much that I WANT to give him a sibling to play with. And I want to do it now! Haha

C said we should wait.. wait till we buy a house, and he is done school and has his Plumber's ticket. Fair enough, then we would be more or less financially stable (but are you ever 'stable??")

I'll be honest and say that before the surprise pregnancy of J, I wasn't too keen on having children.. not at that age anyways. But after it happened, I realized that being a mother is the BEST thing in the whole wide world! And now I want to do it all over again.

I have two younger sisters, so I know what it's like to have siblings. C on the other hand is an only child, and his parent's friends never had children, so he was the only one. He said it got lonely at times, and he doesn't want that for J. After J was born we decided that we wanted just one more. Two is a good even number lol. When we go out, it's a 1:1 ratio..which is good. I personally think that parents who have more than two children are AMAZING! To handle that many is..well..amazing. Kudos to all you 'more than two, multiple baby parents' I know I couldn't handle that!

Let's say hypothetically, I got pregnant now... J would be over 2 and I think that's a good age gap. My sister and I (she's the middle one) are 2 years apart, and while growing up we did butt heads, now that we are older we are very close. I don't want to wait too long, and I told C that I wanted to be done having babies before I'm 30. Yes, it's some time away as I'm not even 25 yet... but i would like to keep them closer in age.

So there, I have told the world (well the 8 of you who follow me!) what I want right now...I don't think it will happen anytime soon, but when it does you'll be the first to know.

*end rant*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Game 1 !!! Vancouver: 1 Boston: 0

So it's no secret that my little fam are HUGE Canucks fans. I'll admit that I could really care less about the regular season unless it's a game that I want to watch. But as soon as playoff start.. well..I just jump right on the bandwagon.

When I was 6, I watched the Canucks lose to the Rangers. I was devastated. No lie. My mother told me that I sat in front of the TV for hours after the game ended..crying and sobbing. I didn't watch another hockey game for almost 10 years.

Anyways, last night was Game 1 in the Stanley Cup final. I had my sister and her boyfriend come over for dinner as well as J's god parents L and T. Wow! All I can say is next time we are ordering PIZZA! I barely got to sit down as I was cooking up a storm. Ribs, chicken wings and various other munchies foods. Also trying to keep and eye on J.

First period: 0-0..LOTS of penalties. I didn't really get the chance to watch, but I got the gist of it.

Second period: DINNER TIME!! And again 0-0 with a load more penalties. Both teams had some amazing opportunities to score but Lu and Thomas are fabulous goalies.

Third period: Dinner clean up and STILL 0-0. As it was getting down to the wire, we were all thinking "overtime" but that's ok.. it's always exciting and nerve racking when you go into overtime... Torres.... ahh... you big lug you. With 19 seconds left in the third period Torres..shoots.. and SCORES!!!!

We all erupted with cheers and yelling! HOLY POOP!

Needless to say Game 1 was a nail biter and seriously I probably had a minor heart attack.

Game 2 is Saturday and I have to work..poo poo to that but it's all good. I can watch it while at work!

So there's my update on the race to the Stanley Cup.