Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update on the sickies!

Well, here's an update. J and I are still both sick. While J is on the mend, mommy (that's me) is still stuffed up, sneezing like a banshee and my ears are plugged. I can barely hear out of them!

It's times like this that I am glad I am a part time SAHM. While I do have to go to work tomorrow, at least I had the last few days off to try and kick this cold to the curb. J still has a low grade fever (it has spiked to 102.0) but I have always been able to cool him down and regulate it. He still has a cough, and a runny nose but both of those are at the tail end of the sickness. The only thing besides the fever that worried me was his swollen tear duct. It just looks painful. Plus it doesn't help that he's CONSTANTLY rubbing it.

His appetite is slowly coming back. I found it so odd that my child didn't want to eat his food!! He LOVES food, but not so much since being sick! I made french toast this morning and it ended up all over the floor. I'm really hoping that he decides to starting eating again. (I'm really glad he still nurses, otherwise I'd be hesitant to skip a meal)
As his first cold is coming to an end, I'm thankful that nothing else came of it. My happy-go-lucky little man is on the mend and I can't wait see him all better!

Much love!