Saturday, March 12, 2011

"When did we become a FULL time cloth diapering family??"

So I came to the realization that we are now a full time cloth diapering family! I cannot actually give you a date that we made the switch but I just realized this tonight! Ha!!

At the beginning of J's life, we were all sposies..all the time. J liked to dirty diapers when he was first born. He liked the boob so much..and the amount of wet/soiled diapers in a day were not slowing down. At the time I didn't know about 'modern day' cloth diapers. My MIL asked before J was born if we wanted to to do a diaper service and I asked her to explain what had/needed to be done in order to do cloth diapers. After her story about "way back when" cloth I was scared out of my mind and declined the offer.

It wasn't til J was about 3 months that I started reading about all the different types/brands of diapers out on the market. After reading all the facts about disposable diapers I knew that it was an easy switch. C on the other hand thought I was crazy. I started explaining to him that cloth is a much wiser choice and that it would save us a bunch of money. He agreed to doing PART TIME cloth. Meaning I would cloth J at home (while he was at work) and only if he didn't have to wash them (He doesn't do the laundry anyways)

He wasn't to sure about this or he was filling his pants!

Now I was on the hunt for a great starter kit. Since I was new to cloth I chose a brand (Bummis) and went with it. I read many reviews and thought to myself that it was a good choice to go with the Starter Kit with Prefolds and Covers. I really loved the kit. It came with everything I needed to start cloth. I followed the directions to a T and off I went.

We used the Bummis with J for about 3 weeks. I was having issues with leaks and bulk. So I decided would try a new diaper cover. I still really like the prefolds but I thought maybe I needed to try another cover so on to the next!!

I decided to go with gDiapers. I bought a a few 2 sets of them from our local London Drugs, along with the disposable inserts. I planned on using my prefolds and covers more than the sposie inserts. But alas, the bulk was still there and I ended up buying Gerber flats and using those as a gDiaper insert. I sold my prefolds and covers to a couple who had used them since their wee one was born. My first diaper sale hahah!

I got crafty with my flats and made inserts from them. Yes I cut the flats to the correct size for medium gDiapers and sewed a flannel top and a fleece bottom. Took some time but they were fantastic. J was in g's all day and all night. I loved cloth at home. But we still used sposie diapers (Huggies) when we were out and about.

Here's J in his Medium Vanilla g. I loved the ease of them Snap a liner on the cute cover and place in one of my homemade inserts. Easy as pie. Once dirty put into wet bag. Remember to wash in 2 days. We exclusively used gDiapers with J for 6 months. But again we were ONLY using them at home. When we left the house he was out of cloth and into a sposie. Translation: sure I was saving some money, BUT I wanted to save more!

I started to use the g's out of the home with the sposie inserts (I still had a whole pack laying around) By this time J was out of mediums and on to Large. We used the remaining sposie inserts and continued with just cloth at home and only at the inlaws. The large g's were not fitting J correctly. He was in the right weight rang but he is on the smaller side in height and the g's were leaving red rashes on his hips. After talking it through with C (Who by the way is SO on board with cloth now it's kinda funny) we decided it was time to retire the g's and move on to something else... well that's what I keep telling myself.

I'll cut it off there and will blog about my next step in cloth diapering, tomorrow. I don't want to make it too long. So tomorrow I will do a post on Baby Kangas OS pocket diaper.. Followed by my Rumparooz OS G2.

I'm really excited to do this. I will also do a few posts on some new products that I just found out about. Taslie and Tetro Fitted Diapers from Snaps and Snails!

Much love xox