Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whoops! Day 4 & 5!

So I am behind a day! I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it! But I have an excuse. It was my FIL 60th Birthday. So we were out for the night!  We had a great time. J got to see friends of the family whom he hasn't seen in a little over six months! The night/party was fantastic, until bed time rolled around (for us anyways) J is a FABULOUS sleeper. Down at 6:30ish and sleeps right through till 8:00 the next morning; except when we are at Nana and Papa's. Then it's down at his regular time and up at 1:30am. Up, down, up, down ALL NIGHT LONG! It all works out in the end, cause he then goes to bed earlier the next day and sleeps right through. I have such a wonderful little guy! Ok, so that is Saturday's.... day! OH! Almost forgot. I just wanted to say that my good friend just had a baby on Saturday (Jan 22 2011) He was eleven days late! He was born at 9:26 pm, weighing in at 9lbs 13 oz, and 22 inches long! Such a cutie pie!! Congrats A! You did it!!

Today (Sunday) was like any other day, but I'm really tired and am not really in the 'bloggin' mood. So I'll leave this post with  a few pictures of J being silly. He's feeling better. Still has a cough, but mummy is the one hurting now!! Hmm looks like it's another movie day tomorrow!

Much love! xoxo