Thursday, June 13, 2013


Today Chris and I signed papers to our very first home! I mean let me correct myself - we have lived together for more than five years, but today we BOUGHT our first town home!

If you would have told me two and a half weeks ago we would be signing off today, I would of called you crazy. But here we are!

We went to look at a couple of town homes in a complex not far from where we rent from now. The first one was saw - that was it for me. I wanted it! But I decided not to say anything until we saw the other one. The second one just didn't feel right. It seemed cold. Personally, it just wasn't for me. So Chris and I talked about it and our realtor took us back to look at the first one again.

We walked through the place again, and I looked at Chris and I said I feel like I was at home. He agreed. We went home that night - knowing that NOTHING was in place to buy this town home. We kicked everything into high gear.

Once we got the bank side figured out, we took Chris' parents to see the place. We didn't necessarily need their approval, but we wanted their opinion. Both of them really liked it - so we slept on it. Chris and I talked about it, and said that if we could get it for a certain price we would go for it.

I mean it has everything we need. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an outdoor space - plus a friend of mine and her husband had just put in an offer as well... I mean COME ON!

We decided to put in an offer. My goodness, that is so damn scary. We waited and waited and finally heard something. We knew they were not going to accept our first offer - so they countered and we countered back. They came back and we offered again, finally we agreed upon a price. What an adrenaline rush. We managed to stay within our budget!!

We had the home inspection on Monday - and everything was great. We knew going in that it would need a new roof, but Chris and I are totally prepared for that. Nothing else needs to be done either. The kitchen has been redone, as has the upstairs bathroom. Chris is all excited as he has a project in the future. There is a bathroom downstairs that can use an upgrade. It's just a half bath, so we decided we would put in a full shower and what not. (Talk about getting ahead of ourselves)

After the home inspection, we proceeded with the purchase. We had almost all our ducks in a row. I called the lawyers today, so that was that. Our down payment money is ready to go - so all that was left was to sign the subject of removal papers and then we can go ahead with the lawyers and whatnot. I still feel dizzy from everything that I have learned. There is just so much to know.

Signing those papers was nerve wracking. I kept thinking to myself "Are we really doing this?" I'm still kind of in shock. But after that I realized its not going to be much different than what we are doing now. We will still be paying roughly the same amount each month so it's not any different. Except for the fact that we OWN it!

I am so excited to move out of our rental and into our new home. Oh and to paint! I'm so excited to paint! James will continue to go to the same preschool, which is awesome for him and for us. He loves his school. So now all we can do is sit and wait. Wait for the documents to be processed, and then that's it!

We take possession on July 26th - eight days after my 26th birthday. SO EXCITING!


Today has been a great day!

Much love

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