Monday, June 10, 2013

Feeling Under the Weather

I would say that James is a very healthy toddler. In his short 3.5 years of life he's only been sick less than a handful of times.

I remember just before his first birthday he got sick with a cold and that lead to a swollen/blocked tear duct. He was fevered and was just generally upset. That didn't last very long - a few days and he was better.

When he was 18 months he got Roseola. Now that was scary. He spiked a fever quick and broke out into a rash. We actually took him to the ER as we had no idea what was going on. He was lethargic, and not himself. They quarantined us, as I had said that the splotchy rash started behind his ear. They thought he had the measles. But in the end it wasn't - thank God! They sent us home and within 3 days he was back to normal.

Since then - he's only had maybe two colds - and I don't know if I would even consider them colds. More being stuffed up - runny nose but generally got better within a few days.

So when my little man woke up one morning last week coughing up a storm I was concerned. His cough sounded wet, and he was fevered. I asked if he was feeling ok - "Sure Mum. I feel ok" *COUGH COUGH COUGH* I called his teacher and said he wouldn't be in for school. I don't like sending him in even if it's a little cough. The day progressed and he got more warm, and cranky. We gave him a bath to cool him down and it did help - but James just wasn't himself.

We went out that day to look at homes and I knew something was up. He wasn't happy, or giggling. He was reserved, quiet and looked tired. He would start crying for no apparent reason and would be inconsolable. On Friday, he was again, fevered, (100.2), not eating and cranky. I summed it up to having a cold. He was like a leaky faucet. His nose was gross. I hate runny noses.

Saturday was TERRIBLE. James was angry, mean, rude and so not James. He barely ate anything all day, but was sucking back water like it was going out of style. He did eat a full dinner, but after that, everything changed. He went to the bathroom and got a Q-Tip. Now this may not seem odd to you, but James is seriously afraid of them. Don't ask why - because I do not know. But he grabbed one and said "Mum, my ear is itchy" I knew exactly what was going on. I took one look and his flaming red ear and knew - He has a goddamn ear infection.

Before bed, we gave him some Tylenol for the pain. He was slapping his ear, and crying. I felt helpless. He slept for about 2 hours before he woke up SCREAMING. I went in to calm him down and he fell asleep again - but shortly woke up after that. He didn't want to leave my side, so I sat down with him. Chris suggested we move him to the hide a bed with him. So that's what we did.

Around 12:30am my poor little guy woke up crying again. The Tylenol must have worn off, so we got him another dose and he moved into bed with me. He slept well after that - I didn't.

Chris took him to the clinic yesterday morning. Of course James screamed his head off while the Doc checked his ear. (James really has a complex with Doctors - We don't know why...) Sure enough - he has an ear infection. Doesn't surprise me. I used to get them when I was younger. They gave us a prescription for Amoxicillin. To be taken 3 times a day for the next 5 days, Thank god he's ok with taking it.

After the first dose he was like a changed little boy. Last night he slept almost all night - didn't wake up crying and seems to be in better humor. Thank goodness.

My little man is on the mend. I hate seeing my bubs sick.

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