Sunday, March 4, 2012

Life is going to change!

Tomorrow C starts his fourth year of school. After these two months he will be fully ticketed and will no longer be an Apprentice Plumber! I am so so proud of him.

He is very nervous as this is the toughest year. But I know he will do great. He says the same thing every time he takes a course "Oh, I'll probably fail it" but he never does. His first 2 years he got high A's and last year he got a high B.

So what does C getting his ticket have to do with our lives changing?? Well, after his final year (well it's really only 60 days) we get to look to buy us a home! Well, start looking. This is something we have been dreaming about since we moved out together 4 years ago. We both hate renting so this is HUGE for us.

We know that we won't be able to buy an actual house right off the bat - as housing prices in Vancouver (and it's suburbs) are CRAZY expensive. But we do want a townhouse.

Looking for at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice size living room and a great kitchen. We don't need updates as this is something we would love to do ourselves. I've been planning this forever! I have so many ideas, paint colors etc. Home decorating is something I LOVE to do.

I can't wait to find our perfect home and make it our own. A place we can grow our family and settle down. C and I have moved four times in the last four years, and I only want to do it once more.

Here's to change 

Much love