Thursday, April 7, 2011

New look!!

So a few days ago, I came across a post on fb. A page that I like was looking for ugly blogs. hehe. She was willing to do a blog makeover to a blog that needed a lot of help. So, I sent in the link to this very blog. Now don't get me wrong, I have been trying to work on my blog, but I don't know anything about anything when it comes to this. I'm sorta winging it.

I was excited to see that she had sent me a message asking what I wanted for my blog. I explained to her that I love to write and that my blog was a place that I could share not only my stories but to share my struggles, my successes and most importantly, my journey on being a first time mommy. I also let her know that I wanted it to be more inviting. Before my blog makeover, it was..well... plain. Plain like white bread.

I sent S a few pictures of J, as she had some ideas on how to spice up, this dull, plain blog. A few hours later I received an email with a proof of my brand spankin' new header (is that what it's called??) I have to say I was SO excited to see little J in my blog title. It really made my day. I love the very first proof. I didn't want anything to change. I let her know that I loved everything about it. The header was perfect and the way she made it standout..ahh I was ecstatic!

I was looking forward for it to be installed, and once she was done I just kept looking at it. Oh so pretty! So needless to say, I am now in love with my blog. Is that weird?? Yeah I didn't think so!

Thank you so much Stacy at Vampire Craftin. You have inspired me to write and I am now not embarrassed for others to see my writings!

If you want a blog makeover or any digital design, check out Vampire Craftin on facebook!/pages/Vampire-Craftin/168806933169687 or you can check out her Etsy shop: . She is very talented and I know I will go back when I can think of something else to add!

Much love